IoT Developers on ThingWorx Get Added Communication, Tech and Security Options
Michael Alba posted on February 15, 2017 |
ThingWorx Marketplace adds security extension, communication tools and business apps.

PTC, maker of the ThingWorx Internet of Things (IoT) platform, is continuing to expand its IoT partner ecosystem. The company has announced several new partners and products in the ThingWorx Marketplace, a directory of third-party IoT technologies certified to be compatible with the ThingWorx platform.

A screengrab of some of the partners in the ThingWorx Marketplace. (Image courtesy of PTC.)
A screengrab of some of the partners in the ThingWorx Marketplace. (Image courtesy of PTC.)
The new partners in the ThingWorx Marketplace include:
  • Sierra Monitor Corporation: This Industrial IoT (IIoT) company now offers its product line of FieldServer IIoT gateways with a ThingWorx Adapter, to connect IIoT field devices to the ThingWorx cloud.
  • HMS Industrial Networks: Another IIoT company that offers products for industrial communication, such as the Netbiter Argos device cloud extension.
  • ViziApps: This firm offers a mobile app development platform that now integrates with ThingWorx to leverage IoT data.
  • BETSOL: An IT services provider that will offer its IoT solutions tailored for the ThingWorx platform.
  • MultiTech: This company offers an array of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication products such as modems, routers and gateways.
  • Certified Security Solutions (CSS): This security company provides IoT digital identity security with its Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based CMS VerdeTTo IoT Directory Service. CSS now lists CMS VerdeTTo Access Valve Integration in the ThingWorx Marketplace, which allows for the ThingWorx integration of an organization’s dedicated IoT directory and Root of Trust (RoT) maintained with the CMS VerdeTTo service.

“Collaboration is one of the keys to success in today’s IoT market,” said PTC’s Kevin O’Brien. “The continued expansion of the ThingWorx partner ecosystem reinforces the value of the platform approach to building new IoT solutions.”

We’ve seen similar partner ecosystems from a number of other IoT platforms, from Microsoft’s Azure Certified for IoT device catalog to myDevices’ Cayenne IoT Ready Program. These programs reinforce O’Brien’s sentiment that, if you want to succeed in the IoT world, you’ve got to play nice with others. Participating in one of these IoT platform partnerships is an easy way to do this, whether you’re looking to buy or sell third-party IoT technologies.

“Using an IoT platform is quickly becoming the go-to approach for developing IoT solutions,” said MultiTech’s Michael Finegan. “Partnering with PTC … enables us to simplify our customers’ experience and to gain greater exposure to the broader market.”

To learn more about it, read ThingWorx Expands Partner Ecosystem to Advance IoT Innovation.

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