GE Digital and BearingPoint Team Up to Accelerate IIoT Adoption
Kyle Maxey posted on September 14, 2016 |

GE Digital and technology consultants BearingPoint have announced a new partnership aimed at accelerating the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by developing case studies that highlight the benefits of the new paradigm.

According to strategy and consulting outfit Accenture, by 2030, the IIoT could add $14 trillion to the coffers of developed countries' GDPs. Though Accenture’s prediction could be well off the mark, the idea of turning a blind eye to the potential of that kind of capital isn't a part of the GE Digital modus operandi. So, to get a more of a foothold in this nascent scene, GE Digital has decided to bring in a business partner well versed in technological consultancy.

At the core of the GE Digital and BearingPoint partnership is a need to illustrate how the combination of industrial data and analytics with well-defined value chain processes can open up new streams of revenue and product offerings.

“BearingPoint's unique mix of management and technology consulting and deep knowledge of ERP systems and the value chain make the group a valuable part of the GE Digital Alliance Program,” said Denzil Samuels, head of global channels and alliances at GE Digital.“Their Industry 4.0/Internet of Things lab will help us develop solid business cases and enable our customers to harness the power of the Industrial Internet. This partnership will build growth and aid digital transformation for industrial companies.”

Using GE’s cloud-based Predix operating system, the case studies being produced will highlight how the IIoT can take over the business once managed by product lifecycle management, CRM and ERP systems. Using sensor data embedded in products and across factory floors, the case studies will hype how Predix can create more opportunities for customer success, create additional revenue streams and enable business to operate more efficiently and make decisions faster.

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