IBM Watson IoT Platform to Help Engineers with Product Development
Shawn Wasserman posted on March 28, 2016 |
Can cognitive IoT bring AI to big data and product design?
IBM Watson logo. (Image courtesy of IBM.)

IBM Watson logo. (Image courtesy of IBM.)

There is a big data elephant in the room when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT). The number of devices on the IoT is growing and the data they are collecting continues to swell. According to IBM, nearly 90 percent of this data will remain unused.

One potential solution to this predicament is cognitive IoT. In this case the computer system isn’t programed; it learns from experience, data and human interaction.

Experts at IBM and Persistent Systems believe that cognitive IoT can learn from this vast sea of data. The program can then use its knowledge of engineering objectives, analyze the data and help engineers ensure their goals are met.

Persistent’s team of over 1000 engineers will also be working on the IBM Watson IoT Platform and IBM IoT Continuous Engineering solutions. The team will be imparting their continuous improvement, analytics, digital transformation and engineering expertise to Watson—the cognitive IoT platform of Jeopardy fame.

The IBM IoT Continuous Engineering solutions is a new service which helps engineers design and manufacture connected devices while taking costs, time and quality constraints into account. To do this, the program has an understanding of engineering practices as well as tools for software development and data analytics.

“Through continuous engineering, we can help customers to more quickly adapt to the huge amounts of data available to make strategic decisions and innovate more seamlessly. From improving the customer experience and offering new services to boosting operational performance, continuous engineering is key to the success of IoT,” said Chris O’Connor, general manager, IBM Watson IoT Offerings.

To see how IBM Watson has already helped engineers from Silverboat Powerboats, TP Vision (makers of Philips TVs) and Honda watch this video below:

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