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Researchers Create Quantum Computing Chip with Photons
Two-qubit processor uses a silicon chip—which could integrate into existing computer industry infras...
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Intel Chips Hit with New “Foreshadow” Security Exploit
Security flaw is similar to Spectre and Meltdown weaknesses, but goes one step further.
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Tesla to Create In-House AI Chips for Self-Driving Cars
Automaker claims its own chips will be an “order of magnitude improvement” over existing NVIDIA hard...
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CG Market Projected to Grow to $147 Billion by 2021
While the pace of growth has slowed, it is expected to continue—thanks to dropping costs and more us...
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Does AMD Have the Most Stable Driver in Graphics?
Third-party expert audit tested AMD and Nvidia graphics drivers in a rigorous head-to-head battle, b...
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CERN Technology Powers World’s First 3-D Color X-Ray of a Human
New bioimaging scanner creates startlingly detailed images of human tissue for improved diagnostics ...
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