Entries for May 2018

The Perfect Laptop for the Engineering Manager
The Carbon X1 is light, fast and can last all day. What’s not to like?
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SpaceX Maiden Successfully Launches (and Recovers) Falcon 9 Block 5
New Falcon 9 variant will be the one to put U.S. astronauts back into space.
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Subliminal Messages: Alexa and Siri Can Hear Commands That Humans Can't
UC Berkeley study explores "subliminal messages" in music and speech–commands targeted at smart devi...
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Iridescent Colors and Specialty Embellishments Never Seen Before in Digitally Printed Pieces Now a Reality
New Xerox production press creates striking CMYK, rich metallics and iridescent special effects
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TSMC’s New Wafer-on-Wafer Process to Empower NVIDIA and AMD GPU Designs
Silicon foundries must increase the pace of innovation to avoid the effects of Moore’s law slowing d...
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