Entries for March 2017

Lenovo Debuts a New VR-Ready Workstation
Lenovo announces an entry-level VR-Ready workstation in two flavors.
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3D Scanning: Understanding the Differences In LIDAR, Photogrammetry and Infrared Techniques
Breaking Down 3D Scanning Into Threes and Understanding Each One In Relation To The Others
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Reviewing the HP Z2 Mini CAD Workstation: Looks Like Darth Vader and Is Flexible Like a Ninja
How does the HP Z2 Mini Workstation perform when put to the test?
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BOXX Introduces APEXX 1 1402: A Really Small Workstation
BOXX introduces a miniaturized workstation that balances both form and function.
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Matterport 3D Camera Review: A Series Of Strange And Fortunate Events
I got A Matterport 3D camera, and two weeks later, I was scanning Richmond’s magnificent downtown tr...
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