Entries for February 2020

New UAV Generator Powered by Microturbine Engine
UAV Turbines launches Micro-Turbogenerator System 1.0.
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Nearly 100 Million Machine Vision Systems to Be in Use by 2025
ABI Research suggests machine vision technology will surge within the next five years.
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ADI and Jungo Collaborate on In-Cabin Monitoring Technology for Vehicle Safety
The 3D ToF monitoring system is expected to detect state-of-mind of drivers and occupants.
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Metawave’s Analog Beamsteering Radar for AVs Provides New Levels of Accuracy and Resolution
As 5G rolls out, autonomous vehicle makers are looking for advanced radar systems.
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CloudMinds Donates 5G Cloud Robots to Fight Coronavirus
CloudMinds makes technological donation to China to help combat the current epidemic.
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AMD Announces Two New 7nm Graphics Cards
The Radeon Pro W5500 and W5500M target the entry-level professional market.
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