Entries for December 2019

Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515 to Speed Up Logistics Industry
New micro-electro-mechanical system mirror is a key component of the camera.
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Quantum Computing in the Cloud: Amazon Joins IBM and Microsoft
What are the differences between the current quantum cloud services?
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New High-End Varjo XR-1 Headset Claims Absolute Photorealism
Volvo tests XR-1 Developer Edition for digital prototyping.
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Dell Partners with the McLaren Group for Immersive Race Car Display at AU 2019
Ray tracing RTX GPUs in Dell workstations power HTC Pro Eye experience.
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Researchers Are on a Quest to Combine Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputers
Argonne is using CS-1 to find new cancer therapies and study colliding blackholes.
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