Hortonworks and HP team up on Big Data Business solutions
Staff posted on July 25, 2014 |

Hortonworks and HP has recently announced they will be working together on big data solutions for business consumers. The goal is to integrate Hortonworks’ data platform and HP’s HAVEn big data platform on Enterprise Apache Hadoop open-source software for storage and data processing.

To solidify this agreement, HP has invested $50 million and has installed VP Martin Fink onto Hortonworks’ board.

Fink said, “Our partnership with Hortonworks exemplifies HP’s longstanding commitment to open source technology for the enterprise … I’m excited to be able to partner with the Hortonworks leadership team to help them deliver flexible, tailored, open solutions to customers on the industry’s most powerful big data platform.”

The HP/Hortonworks team will also work towards:

·         Integrating Hortonworks Data Platform into HP HAVEn as its Hadoop module

·         Certification of HP’s Vertica into Hadoop 2.0 architecture’s Apache Hadoop YARN

·         Integrating engineering strategies of the two organizations

“The ability to understand data and put it to effective use is now more crucial than ever … Hortonworks has demonstrated outstanding dedication and expertise in addressing the business and technology needs of its customers within this new era of information and data, and we look forward to partnering with the Hortonworks team to deliver innovative big data solutions to our customers,” said Colin Mahony, GM of HP Vertica.

Rof Bearden, CEO of Hortonworks adds, “We are extremely pleased to work more closely with HP to accelerate our joint customers’ transition to a modern data architecture … Through deep integration with Enterprise Apache Hadoop, HP customers will be able to easily build their next generation of applications with the Hortonworks Data Platform.”

Source HP.

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