AMD Promises Big Savings with SM1500 Servers
Staff posted on July 22, 2014 |

Recently NetNames, specialists in digital asset management, released a new data center based on AMD’s SM15000 SeaMicro Server. This new data center promises increased efficiency and scale while reducing power consumption, networking layers, and operations.

David Jones, CIO of NetNames said, “NetNames’ goal was to fundamentally rethink how a data center should be built to provide best-in-class agility, scalability and economics… The SM15000 server fabric reduces power, simplifies operations and eliminates layers of networking while accelerating our ability to introduce new services and provide a high quality service to our customers. It was the only server that provided a positive return on investment (ROI) and made the project commercially viable.”

According to AMD and NetNames, this new data center is able to:

  • Save over $1.5 million in operational costs every year
  • Limit server rack space by 83%
  • Reduce 500 servers to only 4 SM15000 servers

The new data center was made possible as the SM15000 servers’ SeaMicro Freedom Fabric allowed for more control on the configuration than traditional servers.

Dhiraj Mallick, AMD VP said, “Overcoming space and power constraints will continue to be a critical operational issue for companies. By using the SM15000 server to reimagine the data center, NetNames created enormous operational savings that was not possible with other servers.”

SM15000 Server Specs (10 rack units):

  • 512 compute cores links
  • Input / Output networking 160 gigabits
  • Freedom Fabric Storage +5 petabytes connected to one system
  • HPC 1.28 terabyte
  • Reduces cables, switches, terminal servers, and more
  • Compatible with AMD Opteron, Intel® Xeon E3-1260L, E3-1265Lv2, E3-1265Lv3, & Intel® Atom™ N570 processors

Source AMD

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