New Mobile Workstations from MSI Are Powered by Intel 10th Generation CPUs
Andrew Wheeler posted on July 08, 2020 |
Features of four new models include a 15 percent performance increase and longer battery life.

CPU have evolved since the early days of the legendary Intel 8088 microprocessor, but they still function in the same basic manner. The arithmetic logic unit still calculates an astronomical number of times per second, and CPUs are still dependent on memory to feed them instructions as fast as possible. But boy, are they fast now. The old Intel 8088 processor had a clock speed of 4.77MHz and could still process millions of lines of code per second.

The latest 10th Generation Intel Core processors have a thermal velocity boost (TVB) that allows them to go as fast as 5.3GHz, calculating billions of lines of code per second. This is part of the reason why computer manufacturer MSI chose to put them in its new line of mobile workstations.

MSI’s New Mobile Workstations

MSI’s new WF65, WF75, WS66 and WS75 mobile workstations promise to perform 15 percent faster than previous models. Every workstation is certified for hard-core graphics workflows in every industry—from gaming, engineering, manufacturing and architecture to construction and simulation. Autodesk, Siemens, Adobe, Ansys and Enscape are just a few of the vendors that have certified their software for MSI’s newest mobile workstations.

(Image courtesy of MSI.)
(Image courtesy of MSI.)

A fast CPU is only part of the equation that makes a mobile computer great. MSI’s WS66 has a 99.9Wh battery that reportedly lasts nine hours. It weighs 4.63 pounds and measures 0.78 inches thick for an easy fit into any gear bag.

The MSI WS75 has a 4K mini-LED display and supports HDR10 for on-site photo documentation or otherwise large photography workloads. It offers a battery life of eight hours and measures 17.3 inches across and 0.8 inches thick while weighing 5.29 pounds—not bad for a powerful laptop computer.

The WS75 starts at $2,499. (Image courtesy of MSI.)
The WS75 starts at $2,499. (Image courtesy of MSI.)

The WF75 (17.3-inch) and WF65 (15.6-inch) are geared more toward users with lower computing needs, for creative work by graphic designers or other design professionals. They do have some enterprise features in the realm of security, with Windows Hello support, Finger Print and Discrete TPM 2.0. Discrete TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0 is a dedicated chip designed for tamper resistance and to minimize the possibility of running into hardware bugs. These two laptops have a battery life of 7 hours, which is not too shabby.

Bottom Line

MSI chose Intel 10th generation CPUs for a reason. Despite shakeups at Intel on a corporate level, the company has been walking lockstep with personal computing technology advances since the beginning with a beguiling flexibility. Intel’s instruction sets and CPUs define the personal computer. MSI has chosen wisely.

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