BOXX Introduces APEXX 1 1402: A Really Small Workstation
Kyle Maxey posted on March 03, 2017 | 3016 views
Workstation manufacturer BOXX has announced the introduction of a new machine, the APEXX 1 1402 that packs power into a miniature form factor.

According to BOXX, although the new, compact 1402 is small compared to the company’s other builds, it doesn’t sacrifice function for form.

Measuring 4.7 inches wide, 8.5 inches tall and 9 inches deep, the APEX 1 is driven by a seventh-generation Intel Core i7-7700K overclocked to 4.7GHz. Given its dense build, the 1402 is liquid cooled, giving it the option to accommodate either NVIDIA Quadro or AMD RadeonPro GPUs, including the former’s newest P1000 card. Finally, BOXX’s newest machine has space for two 2.5-inch drives and leverages Thunderbolt3 slots so that the latest peripherals can be attached to the machine.

“APEXX 1 1402 delivers maximum power in a minimal space,” said Shoaib Mohammad, BOXX vice president of marketing and business development. “By safely overclocking the new Intel Kaby Lake processor, we’re providing a real solution to workflow bottlenecks—an ultracompact system that empowers users to work faster than ever.”

Although size has never been a determining factor when I’ve been faced with the decision to order a workstation, I can see the benefits. If your firm has limited space and you need to pack together a number of workstations, taking up sizable real estate on or under a desk can be a nonstarter. If you find yourself in that position, then the 1402’s form factor should work for you.

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