Level 1 – Welcome Back!

Difficulty: Very Easy
Waves: 10

A tutorial level, in case you never played the original Cursed Treasure. This level is extremely simple and requires no advanced strategy – just place Crypts on the high ground and snowy corners.

Level 2 – Dungeon Keeper

Difficulty: Very Easy
Waves: 10

You can ignore the entire northern half of this level – enemies will only come at you from the southeast corner, and they have to follow a fairly well-defined path to reach your gems. The close quarters of the southwest corner make Temples a good choice for the High Grounds, although you can never go wrong with Crypts.

Level 3 – The Ring

Difficulty: Easy
Waves: 15

This level gives you a lot of flexibility in your defenses, with five High Grounds in the center of the eponymous ring. With such flexibility, it’s important to be aware that there will be six Ninjas in the thirteenth wave, and if you’re not ready for them they’ll blow past your towers, steal your gems, and run over your dog.

Build your defenses in close where you can. You should build Crypts on the High Grounds, of Course, but stick to the High Grounds nearest to the gem cave itself. If you build too many towers toward the southwest, you run the risk of them being too effective, leaving your defenses at the cave completely unequipped to handle Ninjas smokebombing out of nowhere. Set up a Temple and Den to provide some additional cover to the gem cave as well.

Save up your mana before the thirteenth wave hits. When you see it coming, Cut Out the trees in the far southwest and set up a Temple and Den to cover the entrance. They’ll set off the Ninja’s smoke bombs early enough that your defenses at the cave will have a chance of stopping them.