Level 1 to 3

Level 1 – Basics

Difficulty: Tutorial
Waves: 5

It’s a tutorial level. If you can’t figure this out on your own then there’s certainly nothing I can do to help you.

Level 2 – Spells

Difficulty: Tutorial
Waves: 10

Still not out of the tutorials, kid. You can manage, I’m sure.

Level 3 – First Challenge

Difficulty: Easy
Waves: 15

This is where the game starts requiring you to demonstrate more skill than is necessary to open your web browser in the first place. There’s a single high ground, in the middle of the map – a good location for a Crypt, where it can hit nearly everything on the map. You should also take advantage of both mana pools as soon as possible.

This is a very front-heavy defense with no adequate ninja protection, so you should also cut down one of the grass forests near the entrance and build a Den to snipe incoming ninjas. A Crypt or two on the snowy slopes east of the High Ground can save you should the enemy breach your forward lines.