Level 10 to 12

Level 10 – Avenue

Difficulty: Normal
Waves: 30

After the nail-biting ninja-fueled terror of the previous level, the game finally throws us a break. Avenue is a fun level with few ninjas and no real challenge. If you’re doing it right, most enemies shouldn’t even make it to the first turn!

First, build on the mana pools. The Den and Crypt will provide vital fire support. Then, take a close look at the ridge that separates the bottom half of the map into two avenues. It is mostly rock.

Rock separating two narrow roads – see earlier instructions for what to do here.

Take the occasional break from your Evileye Temple spam to secure the gem cave proper from ninjas. Fortunately, it’s surrounded by snow, so your friend the Chilling Crypt will do the job just fine. A southerly-placed Chilling Crypt can even defend both the gem cave and the northern avenue.

This is also the last level that will bother with using peasants. Say goodbye to the peasants! I’m sure they’re glad to be getting out of trying to attack you.

Level 11 – Hydra

Difficulty: Hard
Waves: 40

This level offers you some obvious cues. Start with building your closest defences – a Burning Temple goes on the central high ground, a Temple and two Dens go on the mana pools, and a second Temple and a Den should flank your gem cave. You have some freedom on how to use the two other high grounds – I recommend your friend the Chilling Crypt, which can hit a wide variety of targets from that position.

Ninja-proofing on this level is difficult, but fortunately it’s fairly ninja-light, and the path to your gem cave is long enough that Crypts can do the job effectively. There are obvious cleared snow spots that are ideal for Chilling Crypts for hitting the entrances.

Level 12 – Break Through

Difficulty: Hard
Waves: 40

Another level that suggests its own winning strategy. Your friend the Chilling Crypt goes on the high grounds. Clear the wood from the spur of rock near each entrance and mount an Evileye Temple there instead. Make use of the mana pools, then build corresponding towers on the mirror-image side of the map.

Your biggest danger here is likely to be assassins, so keep your Frenzy ready.