Connect It Walkthrough Level - 1 to 4

Level 1

As you’d probably expect, level 1 is merely an introduction to the basic game concepts. You have gears. Dropping these gears onto the spinning blue rotators will cause the gears to spin. Spinning gears in contact with the toothed bar will move it along. Your goal is to connect the toothed bar with the gold wire to the switch block with the grey wire, completing the electrical circuit.

There’s only one possible move you can make in this level, and it is illustrated above.

Level 2

Level 2 introduces the concept of non-rotator pegs. You can place gears on these pegs, but they will not rotate unless in contact with another rotating gear.

This level needs to be completed in two steps. First, place the gears as shown above. This will move the toothed bar halfway down its rails.

Then, switch the gears around as shown. This will carry the bar the rest of the way to the switch block.

Level 3


This level introduces us to the concept of switch rotators. The switch rotator is surrounded by a metal frame with its own two wires. Connecting these wires and completing the circuit will change the rotator’s rotation.

Currently, the rotator is rotating in an inconvenient direction for us, so we’ll want to change it around. For this purpose, we now have large gears. Place the large gear on the rotator as shown to slide the lower toothed bar over and activate the circuit.

Then, assemble the two smaller gears as shown to push the upper toothed bar across and complete the level.

Level 4

You will notice a dilemma here: In order to have any effect whatsoever on the toothed bar, you must place the large gear on the rotator nearest to it. However, this rotator spins the wrong way – if you place a large gear on it, it will shove the toothed bar backwards.

This is a recurring theme in Connect It, with several levels acting as variations. The basic principle is simple – one rotator can overpower another. The left hand rotator here rotates in the opposite direction of the right hand rotator, and does so slightly faster. Therefore, if the two are connected, the left hand rotator will be the primary driving force, and move the toothed bar forward.

This driving assembly must be completed before the actual connecting gear can be put in – otherwise, the connecting gear will push the toothed bar out of the way. Build the driving assembly as shown.

Then add in the connecting gear to complete the level.