Connect It Walkthrough Level - 17 to 20

Level 17

First, make a driving assembly as shown. The connecting gear is the large gear.

To make any real progress, however, we’re going to need to hit that hammer. The above assembly has gotten the toothed bar out of the way so we can do this:

Hitting the hammer will reverse the switch block, enabling us to do this:

Which in turn will complete the level.

Level 18

And now we get to go back and forth between hitting the hammer and moving the bar. Hooray.

Hit the hammer with the above configuration

Move the bar with the above configuration.

Hit the hammer with the above configuration.

Take a wild guess.

Level 19

The home stretch! You are almost free!

First, assemble the gears as shown above. The left rotator will push the lower bar to the right. When it hits the right hand group of gears, they will push the upper bar – the one we actually care about – left.

Unfortunately, the lower bar will stop before the upper bar does, so you’ll need to configure the gears as shown above to reverse it.

Then reassemble the original configuration to push it forward again.

This still won’t quite reach all the way, so you’ll have to repeat the two previous steps again. Oh what fun.

Level 20

And here we are. Level 20 is the most complicated level in the game, with two switch rotators. The gameplay, naturally, revolves around them.

Start by hitting the left hammer, which reverse the right switch rotator.

This lets you hit the right hammer, which reverses the left switch rotator.

Which lets you get the toothed bar a third of the way...

And then another third of the way

Hit the hammer again.

And finish the game once and for all.