Connect It Walkthrough Level - 13 to 16

Level 13

Finally, we do something that’s not the same puzzle again. The gimmick for this level is the very large gear here, in the center.

The first part of this problem is another driving assembly. The very large gear is the connecting gear.

The second part is another driving assembly, only now the small gear in the center is the connecting gear.

Level 14

That riveting change of pace dispense with, we actually face a minor challenge here. First you must assemble a driving assembly as shown above, with the left hand large gear being the connecting gear.

The challenge is that eventually the toothed bar will run into the second large gear, which is spinning in the wrong direction. This is less than ideal.

The solution, of course, is to overpower it with a new driving assembly.

Level 15

Finally, an actually significant new gameplay element is introduced. Here, we have another switch rotator, but instead of needing to complete a second circuit, it is controlled by two switch blocks and a hammer gear.

Hammer gears cannot be moved. Instead, they are turned until they hit one of their two switch blocks. Doing so reverses the direction of the corresponding switch rotator.

Start by hitting the block.

This level actually requires some physical dexterity. It is impossible to connect the gears to the toothed bar without also connecting them to the hammer. Thus every time the hammer hits the right switch block and starts moving the gear assembly in the correct destination, you must put in the third gear. Every time it hits the left switch block and sends the whole thing the other way, you must remove the third gear.

Do this enough times and you’ll reach the end.

Level 16

Your first task on this level is to get the switch rotator spinning. The configuration shown above will send the hammer in the right direction.

Then, simply assemble the gears as shown to complete the level.