Levels - Part 4

The Egg Nest

This level is somewhat stacked against you. You don’t really have a chance of securing the northeastern block of Houses. If you’re magic-oriented, you can try to play for the Shrines, but otherwise your best option is to go north.

Assuming you’ve been following along, you really shouldn’t need me to say by now that you should go for the Towers first when attacking the northwestern and southeastern corners, but it’s what I’m getting paid for. You should probably go for the Level Two Houses nearest to your starting position first, however, for an assault location closer to the Tower.

The Arm

We’re getting into the endgame now, and naturally the difficulty of the game is about to start increasing. If you haven’t been raising your Agility skill as you go, now’s the time to start, because otherwise you’re going to spend this entire level desperately trying to hold off a Roman assault on you while both enemy civilizations drop twisters on you at the same time.

Yeah, the game isn’t even pretending to be a free for all at this point. It’s you against two enemy civilizations.

Apart from this, the strategy for this level really suggests itself. Go west if you want the Shrines, focus on the center if you’re army focused. Go after the Romans first – so long as you hold the center, they’re the only ones really capable of attacking you, and the Chinese will mostly be playing defense.

The Footprint

Look, this level is not complicated. Take the Towers. Take the center of the map. Win.

The Cross

This level puts you as one of two civilizations flanking the Romans, so for once it’s not going to just be a two on one. The strategy here is not overly complicated – secure your side of the map, take the Large Tower next to you as soon as possible, use the Level Four Houses in the upper and lower middle as flanking positions.

The Thing Before The Giant Squid

Here we have another level that presents you with a choice, determined by whether you have picked your skills for magic or military power, leading you to the east and west sides of the map, respectively.

As any student of history or, for that matter, my walkthroughs, will tell you, this choice is absurd. Go east.

If you try to go west you’ll find yourself trapped in a war on two fronts as you try to fight off the Chinese and Romans simultaneously. Instead, take the northeast and you’ll cut the Romans off. Attack conservatively – eventually, the Romans will leave their starting Level Four House undermanned, and you can launch an attack from your own Level Four House to cut off their supply of troops.

Once the Romans are eliminated, you can move west across the north of the map. You have most of the Shrines, so magic will be your biggest asset in breaking into the cluster of Houses in the northwest. Once you do, your objective should be the Medium Tower. With that, you can secure the largest Houses, and then finish the job.

The Giant Squid

The third boss level sees you up against two enemy civilizations and a whopping five appendages with 500 health each. Most worrying of all, however, is the boss’s head, which is now so strong that magic simply isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need an all-out ground assault.

Eliminate the two enemy civilizations as quickly as possible. You should know full well how to do this by now. Once they’re eliminated, concentrate on mass human wave attacks against the tentacles in order to clear a path – cavalry is especially valuable for this, as they have a better chance of getting in under the tentacle attacks. Once the path is cleared, continue with an assault on the head.


Having defeated its Giant Animals, you leave the game with no choice but to resort to the one menace left yet unfought.


Aliens actually aren’t particularly strong or terrifying, really. They have no cavalry of heavy infantry – instead, all their infantry are equipped with blasters, which allow them to launch ranged attacks against their destination as they approach. Annoying, but hardly a game breaker.

This level also provides you without much in the way of real options for strategy. All the buildings are huge. Magic will obviously be your friend.

The Thing Before The Portal

Another odd level – and one weighted heavily in your favor, as the developers seem to believe that the aliens are enough of a threat all on their own (they really aren’t). This level was obviously created with the intent of making you fight with magic, but really, that’s not necessary. You have two Houses to the aliens’ one, and that’s really all you need. Grab whatever Shrines you need, but focus on taking their Towers and then their House. Your massive population advantage will more than make up for blasters.

The Portal

The final level of the game sees you battling for control of a Stargate on a field of ludicrously powerful buildings. Like the previous level, however, it simply just isn’t that challenging. Secure your side of the wall of Large Towers, fight your way through said wall, secure the aliens’ side.

Congratulations, the game is now over.