Levels - Part 2

The Sort of a Tree Looking Thing

Maybe a mushroom? I don’t know.

Another level that’s good for some Large Tower fun. The Large Tower at the center of this map is the only building that matters. This map is a race to that Large Tower. Get sixty population in there and you win. That’s all there is to it.

You may want to pick up your two “defensive” towers simply to stop them annoying you, but don’t bother staffing them – if the enemy is in position to assault your headquarters on this map, you’ve already lost.

The Giant Turtle

Your first boss. There are three “boss fights” in Civilizations Wars, all of which contain a few common features:

  • The boss shoots ranged projectiles which can damage any building on the map.
  • The boss has multiple components – a head and a number of appendages. The head must be destroyed to clear the level, while the appendages must be destroyed because they protect the head.
  • A time limit. When it reaches zero, the boss will unleash a wave of attacks that will completely destroying all of your buildings.
  • At least one other civilization on the map. This other civilization will ignore the boss completely and concentrate all its effort on attacking you.
You should definitely pump your Speed skill up as high as it can go before starting any boss level, and this is no exception. Your greatest enemy in a boss fight is that time limit, and Speed is the only way you’re getting around it.

Your first order of business needs to be eliminating the AI civilization – the Large Tower in the center of the map is quite useful for this, making up for it being effectively useless at everything else. Eliminating the AI should not be overly difficult – what’s most important is speed.

Once you’ve secured all the buildings – or, ideally, even before that – you can concentrate on taking out the boss himself. Prioritize Shrines – you’re going to need both cavalry and lots of magic. Drop whatever your most powerful damage spells are on the boss as frequently as possible. Keep your Shrines fully manned. Don’t bother with the central tower once the enemy civilization is disposed of – heavy infantry are simply too slow, and will be wiped out by the arms.

You’re best off taking out one or both of the boss’s arms before launching an assault on his head, but always keep the main goal in mind. You should be magically pounding on that boss’s head constantly.

The King of a Pillar Like Thing With A Little Tail

This level starts with a neutral golem around the center of the map. This probably won’t affect you in any way, as the center of the map is completely useless, but I suppose it’s nice to know.

You’ll want to secure the tower immediately near your starting location fairly quickly, but the real prize on this map is the bottom left corner, which contains a Level 5 House and most of the Shrines. Secure your side of the map and the situation is more or less hopeless for the other guy.

The Spiral Gate

This map sees you given another unfair advantage, as one civilization is squeezed in between the other two. The Towers here are likely to serve an offensive purpose. You’ll need the northwestern Tower to take the Level Four House in the upper middle, the southwestern Tower to assault the Chinese stronghold in the lower middle, and the other two to go after the Romans.

The Dead Tree

A variation on the previous level, and most of the same strategy applies. Concentrate on taking the western side of the map first – having a solid base of buildings there will give you an edge against the Chinese in the center. Of course, if they happen to leave a Tower still-neutral-but-with-low-remaining-defenders, by all means swoop in and take it.

The Towers here are critical for dominating the center, and the Level Three Houses in the center are the keys to any sort of offensive. Especially important is the southeastern Tower, a terrific staging point for a heavy infantry assault on the eastern edge of the map.

The Ichthyosaur Fossil

As most of you are presumably not twelve-year-old boys, this assigned title may not help you identify this level, but it’s worth a shot.

This is an odd level, for a reason that should immediately be apparent – there are only four Houses on the map. It should go without saying that you’ll want to stock up on magic for this map, but I’m saying it anyway, because otherwise you might end up thinking it’s about the Towers or something.

The Towers here are pretty much useless for attacking the enemy strongholds directly, or even for defensive purposes – their job is to provide staging points for heavy infantry that can be used to claim the far-more-important Shrines. The Shrines will allow you to pound on the enemy Houses, which in turn will create the weakness you need for an all-out assault.

For all that, however, always keep in mind that your primary objective is to take out the enemy Houses. If at any point you have the opportunity to do so, take it immediately. Without the ability to generate new units, it doesn’t matter who controls the Shrines. The enemy can rain meteorites on you all day if they want, the game is in your hands.

The Moai Statue

Not sure what this is doing here, really.

The Medium Towers on this map are critical – secure your own as fast as possible, if for no other reason than that it will stop bugging you. Your main objective in attacking the enemy needs to be to secure their Medium Tower. Rush straight past all their other buildings if you have to. Once you’ve got that Tower controlled and fully manned, the enemy won’t be able to move freely in their own territory, and the game will be yours.

Your more intermediate objectives should be to control your side of the river, and the Level Four House on the enemy’s side of the river – this House is the key to assaulting the enemy Tower, which in turn is the key to winning the game. With me so far?

Most of your buildings aren’t well positioned for an attack on the enemy Level Four House, so you’ll either want to rush it or use trickery. If the enemy gets to that House first and turns it into a strong point, your best bet might be a false attack on the western edge of the enemy’s territory – you probably won’t win, but you might be able to draw reinforcements away from your real target.

The Crossed Spears and Head Thing

Are they supposed to be pirates? They don’t look like pirates.

The harshest fighting in this level is going to be over the center. For this reason, I recommend you avoid it – put up enough token resistance to keep the AI busy there, but concentrate your efforts on the southwestern and northeastern corners, whose wealth of Shrines and Houses will allow you take the center from the flanks.