There are nominally three civilizations in Civilizations Wars. Only the Egyptians are available to you at first – you unlock the other two after defeating the Giant Turtle.

While the civilizations are mostly a cosmetic choice, there are small differences between them.

The Egyptians

The Egyptians are weighted towards a balanced military. They have the worst base magical stats, but make up for it by being able to dominate in any military aspect.

The Romans

The Romans are best suited for cautious, defensive play, focused on regional control and launching overpowering attacks. They’re particularly ill-suited for boss fights, where their speed disadvantage can be most dangerous. Romans also have the largest Crystal pool, further suiting their defensive style, as they can secure Shrines and then protect them while raining down deadly magical artillery.

The Chinese

The Chinese are best suited to rapid play combining mass human wave attacks with magical support. Their relatively poor Attack and Defense are less of a danger since they can use blitzkrieg tactics so effectively.