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Mitchell Gracie
Mitchell Gracie is a staff writer for engineering.com and covers Internet of Things and Electronics. He studied mathematics and astrophysics at Western University in London, Ontario. Between proofs and phase spaces, he enjoys reading and writing speculative fiction.

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Transitioning to LED Lights Can Be Simpler Than You Think
MEAN WELL offers LED drivers for almost every situation.
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How to Avoid a Shocking End: Protecting Workers From Injury
Panduit VeriSafe brings together voltage indication, testing and confirmation of de-energization.
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The Fight Against Critical Failures Starts with Circuit Protection
Circuit breakers become more important as electronics and machinery become more complicated.
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Autonomous Vehicles Find a New Playground with Cognata
Combination of scene generation, physics engines and deep learning in simulations offer better testi...
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Kroger and Nuro Expand Unmanned Grocery Delivery to Houston
Residents in four zip codes in Texas are set to see the service pull up to their front doors.
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Ultra-Low Power Processors an Arm’s Reach Away
Minima and Arm sign multi-year strategic intellectual property agreement.
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Ensuring Spectator Safety at Races Can Ensure Pedestrian Safety on Roads
Siemens PLM Software and FIA partner to bring sensors and machine learning to Rally tracks and vehic...
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Kelzal Looks to Tackle Visual Sensor Market with Event-Based Vision
Company secures $3M in seed funding to expand its neural-network based product line.
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Here Comes the Sun: A New Wave of Solar-Powered AI at the Edge
Xnor.ai reveals its new battery-free, solar technology for processing AI at the edge
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Flying Cars: Not Just Pie in the Sky
Honeywell and Pipistrel to partner on urban mobility.
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Zero: Number of Deaths Cars Should Cause
Autonomous vehicles’ shaky 2018 year sets mood for revolution of safety in 2019.
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