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Roopinder Tara
Roopinder Tara is Director of Content for ENGINEERING.com. He has been into CAD, CAM and CAE for his entire professional life, as an engineer, CAD manager, professor and publisher. He has written numerous publications on CAD, design and engineering. He has a bachelors in mechanical engineering (Drexel University), a masters in engineering science (Penn State) and has been a certified professional engineer. He can be reached via email at rtara@engineering.com

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5G—Don’t Worry About It
Discredited experts + Russian TV station = Panic
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Making Money with Self-Driving Trucks? It’s TuSimple
TuSimple, a $95 million startup, pins its hopes on safety and fuel efficiency.
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Sensors Expo Starts Up With Driverless Cars
Technology takes a front seat, autonomous vehicles a boon for sensors.
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Sensors Expo: Speed Dating, Dazzling Technology and Warnings
A day in the life of an editor at a show is an immersion in new technology.
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Infographic: Makers Most Interested in IoT
77% of makers looking into IoT for their creations.
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