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Andrew Wheeler
Andrew Wheeler is an IT professional who is passionate about following the convergence of emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Software, Hardware, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Additive Manufacturing.

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A Look at the New Electric Motorcycles from Soriano
The Giaguaro motorcycles come with a three-speed manual gearbox and 15 or 20kWh battery packs.
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Citizen Arsonists Set 5G Towers Ablaze in the UK
Conspiracy about 5G and coronavirus fuels fire of human ignorance and panic.
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Breaking: Faulty Sensor Data May Have Caused Boeing 737 MAX Crashes
After two recent crashes, Boeing's 737 MAX grounded by international aviation authorities and the FA...
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DARPA’s $100 Million Programs for a Silicon Compiler and a New Open Hardware Ecosystem
Silicon compiler to reduce the operational and managerial design complexity of chips, which are skyr...
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New Perfect Springback Routing Feature in CADSTAR 17
A closer look at interesting new features to simplify PCB design
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Contex Releases Two New Wide-Format Scanners
New full-size and compact scan stations designed based on customer survey data.
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