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Ray Floyd
Ray Floyd is an electrical engineer with a BSEE, MSEE, and a PhD in Management. He was previously a senior engineer with IBM.

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Positive and Negative Isolated Power Rails for IGBT Gate Drivers
Power supply design uses one transformer to generate the voltage rails for six IGBTs in 3-phase inve...
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MCU brings High Performance to Low-Power Applications
New MCU consumes 95µA/MHz in active power
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Isolated Current and Voltage Sensing Module Delivers on Reliability
Delta-Sigma Modulator Improves Accuracy of New Device
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LaunchPad Development Kit Simplifies Debugging
Testing System for Microprocessor Apps includes example software and BoosterPacks
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Designing Smart Metering for Utilities? Consider System-on-Module for Power Line Communications
Power Line Communication kits support wide range of power control applications
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Sensors for Smart Assembly Lines
Library of sensors for everything from infrared to humidity and capacitance.
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Power Line Communications Data Concentrator Kit
Monitor and Control Equipment Using Existing Power Infrastructure
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RFID and the Internet of Things
What if your phone was your RFID reader and transmitter?
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Where’s Fido? Animal Tracking with RFID
Millions of animals have been tagged with Radio Frequency Identification.
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RFID for Access Control
RFID is replacing other forms of access control in personnel, gates and parking applications.
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RFID in Transportation
A review of RFID applications in trucking, air, shipping and rail
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What Is an RFID Tag?
Pros and cons of the three most common RFID tag options.
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RFID – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
A backgrounder on RFID technology and applications
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