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Tom Lombardo
Dr. Tom Lombardo is an engineer, a professor, a certified Professional Energy Manager, and an armchair philosopher. Tom teaches engineering, microcontrollers, and sustainable energy systems. In his spare time he makes somewhat recognizable sounds with an acoustic guitar.

You can contact Tom via Twitter at @DrTomLombardo or connect with him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tlombardo. Tom also maintains the Sustainable Energy Today page on Facebook.

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Big Data Helps Engineers Design SMART Wind Farms
Scientific data is helping engineers find better ways to configure wind farms to maximize production...
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Toshiba EV Battery: 200 Mile Range with Six Minute Charge Time
Quick charging EV batteries are inevitable, but how will the grid handle all the charging stations?
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Solar Decathlon Team Designs Net-Zero Energy Home for Baby Boomers
Here's a sustainable home that's designed for retiring baby boomers.
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Electric Vehicles Go Big … REALLY Big
If you think electric vehicles are small underpowered cars, get ready for the electrified muscle tru...
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2020 Vision: Audi Electric Vehicles Go Solar
In about three years, Audi's electric vehicles will have solar roofs to power the heating and AC, ex...
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Solar Eclipse 2017: An Engineer's Pilgrimage to Witness Totality
Twenty-six years before the fact, this engineer was planning to attend the 2017 total solar eclipse....
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NASA Engineers Want to Save the World with Geothermal Electricity
NASA scientists say the Earth needs to let off a little steam, and they know exactly how to use it. ...
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Could the Solar Eclipse Affect WIND Power?
The wind is affected by temperature, so the solar eclipse could have an impact on wind power.
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Sono's Solar Assisted-Electric Car is Practical and Affordable
This SAEV could be the most affordable family EV on the market.
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Nanotechnology Used in Self-Healing Batteries
Rechargeable batteries are the most versatile energy storage devices, but they have relatively short...
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Tesla Gigafactory Adds Microgrid Lab
Tesla is adding a $460k microgrid lab to its Gigafactory.
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Why the Tesla Model 3 Will NOT Have a Solar Roof
A solar assisted Tesla Model 3 is technically possible but economically impractical. Here's why.
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Space Age IoT Technology for Energy Management and Fault Prediction
IoT and AI team up for energy management and fault prediction.
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Tesla Powerpack Supports Renewable Energy in Australia
Tesla is building the world's largest Li-ion battery, which will support an Australian wind farm.
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Trash into Treasure: Landfill Site Becomes Solar Farm
From brown to green: a landfill that's been vacant for 45 years gets new life as a solar farm.
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Student-Built Solar Electric Utility Vehicle to Compete in World Solar Challenge
These students want to change the automotive industry by making a practical solar-electric vehicle.
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SpaceX Launches NASA's Roll Out Solar Array
SpaceX's first reuse of a Dragon rocket carries supplies and experiments to the ISS, including ROSA,...
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Education-Industry Partnerships Could Save Solar Companies Millions of Dollars
A recent study on workforce training applies to the solar industry, but it has broader implications ...
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Tesla Isn't The Only Solar Roof In Town
An upstart company has a solar roof design that could give Tesla a run for its money.
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Nanomaterials Produce Better Batteries at Half the Cost
A new manufacturing process could drastically reduce the price of batteries for electric vehicles, b...
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