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ORIGOSafe Prevents Texting Whilst Driving
What’s more dangerous behind the wheel – drinking or texting? The new device locks your...
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Bio-stamp: a stretchy, twisty, wearable chip

Electronics won’t always be rigid, brittle wafers contained in bunch of complex circuit boards... More >>
BodyCom – Your Body as a Secure Communication Channel
Can you use Human Body to secure wireless near field communication?BodyCom is a wireless authenticat...
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A Motherboard that Runs any Operating System
Do you want to run Apple OS, Windows and Linux on your own PC? The projectQ, or Z77MX-QUO-AOS for sh...
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Fire the coach! 94Fifty Basketball Uses Sensors to Measure Basketball Skills

The 94Fifty basketball uses sensors to tell players how well they are playing.  All sorts of ba... More >>
SpiderSense: a Suit That Gives Man a ‘Spider Sense’

  “My spider sense is tingling!” Thanks to Peter Parker, we all know that means im... More >>
hipKey uses Bluetooth and iOS to track your stuff
There isn’t a man alive who doesn’t lose track of his stuff from time to time. And it&...
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A Supercomputer made with Raspberry Pi and LEGO
A 'supercomputer' built using 64 connected Raspberry Pi boards and a racking made with Lego pieces.P...
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I-Pad Controlled Self-Driving RobotCar uses 3D Laser Scanner to Map its Environment
The self-driving RobotCar, developed by the researchers in the University of Oxford uses small camer...
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Play Physical Chess over the Internet with a Robot Partner
Arduino-powered chess set connects remote players over the internet using a physical chess table.
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LUMO Watches Your Posture and Warns If You Slouch
The LUMO is a thin, flexible sensor band worn as a belt that captures the posture of your lower and ...
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LG’s Transparent Screen Makes Vending Machines Interactive and Fun
This vending machine uses LG's transparent screen to display animations when a product is selected.
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Lynx A: A hand-held camera for 3D motion capture
A camera that captures the 3-D model of everything it points at.
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Arduino-compatible Pinoccio connects the ‘Internet of Things’ to DIY
The new wireless microcontroller board Pinoccio allows Arduino users to connect their DIY projects t...
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Internet of things enables the “Good Night Lamp”
The Internet of Things-based lamp is a new way of saying "good night" to your friends and loved ones...
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Sensors and Smartphones – An app for watering plants
Worried about your plants while you’re on vacation? Oso’s cloud-based wireless plant sen...
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Fitness Tracker with Wearable Sensors Recognizes your Actions in the Gym
A new wearable fitness tracker that can figure what exercise you’re doing.
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Samsung’s Flexible Smartphone Can Bend, Twist and Roll
Forget the flip, Samsung plans for the fold phone
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Can Toyota’s Self-Driving Lexus save you from Accidents?
Safe drinking and driving may be possible with Toyota's self-driving, advanced safety vehicle.
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Self-Parking Audi Unveiled at CES
Self-parking? Self-driving? How long before these cars become self-aware?
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