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Three Dimensional ICs in Smartphones
From stacked chip packages to monolithic 3DICs
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How MEMS Enable Smartphone Features
Next-gen phones could have 30 MEMS components
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MEMS – Bringing Digital Music to Life
The electronics inside digital pianos.
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Six Years of iPhone Evolution
More changes inside than out.
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BlackBerry Stock Craters as Financial Markets Overreact
New smartphone designs are gaining customers for good reason.
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How a Smartphone Stores Photos and Music
How the files survive even when the battery dies.
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Touchscreens in Electronic Devices
The main components of the ubiquitous touchscreen interface.
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Intel Launches Next Generation of Microprocessors
eDRAM, Iris Pro and the new Haswell devices.
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Applications Processors – The Heart of the Smartphone
Smartphone APUs combine the best of both SoC and SiP technology.
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Power Choices for Smartphone Designers
Flexible form factors and new battery chemistry.
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The Guts of Thinner Smartphones
What physics limits how thin smartphones can be?
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Will the Q10 save BlackBerry?
BlackBerry launched their newest smart phone this week. Will the Q10 bring BlackBerry back?
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Definitely Not 1980s Intel DRAM
Intel paper describes their direction for DRAM.
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Mobile Phones Provide a Lesson on the Future of Disruptive Technology
It’s been forty years since the first mobile phone call.
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Blackberry Z10. Phony or Bad data? Either way, it’s a minefield.
Is it possible that more phones were returned than shipped?
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Intel Custom Foundry Interview
Altera to use Intel for wafer production. Hints of Intel in the post-PC era.
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BlackBerry Should Watch its Zs and Qs

Six weeks after its launch in Canada, BlackBerry (formerly known as RIM) launched its touchscreen sm... More >>
The Incredible Shrinking Apple A5

Does Apple have a huge following? Can a new Apple product spark its own news cycle? Does the frenzy ... More >>
Do Flexible Electronics Herald the End of Moore’s Law?

No doubt you've heard stories about the end of Moore's Law and how silicon-based technology is runni... More >>
Bionic Arms and the Engineering Olympics

My challenge today was judging the 33rd Ottawa Science and Engineering Olympics. Then I thought, "Wh... More >>

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