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Next Generation NVM -- Wait Until the Music Stops
NVM - non-volatile musical chairs
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New Processor for iPad mini?
What's the difference between single and dual core? Sometimes nothing.
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Apple’s Representative Phone

A patent’s figures are often central elements to understanding the disclosed invention.  ... More >>
Apple’s More than a Little More
New iPad, new iPad mini, new iMac, and new Mac Mini...did we forget anything?
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Apple’s Lightning Cable - Audio Out?
There are costly options for existing iOS device users now faced with iPhone 5's Lightning connector...
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Spotlight on RE - Part Two
In some races, the first may not be the winner.
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AMD and the Z-60

Yesterday AMD announced their Z-60 processor for the tablet market.  The announcement certainly... More >>
Spotlight on RE - Part 1
With iPhone 5 pandemonium subsiding and teardown providers moving on, it's time to start analyzing A...
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The A6 has landed - sort of

Speculation around the design of the A6 reached a fever pitch in the last few days, and all that I h... More >>
Intel v. ARM
Will Intel ever manage to gain a foothold in the mobile world dominated by ARM with its X86 architec...
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Epiphany-IV 64 Core
64 processor cores - is supercomputing coming to a chip near you?
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Authentec Part 2 : What is lurking out there?
Paul Boldt reprises an earlier piece to uncover how Apple might incorporate Authentec fingerprint te...
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AuthenTec ... another Apple acquisition
Apple gobbles up another technology company and Paul Boldt assesses the possible motivations.
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Semiconductor blogging and perpetual motion: Part 2
Paul Boldt takes a closer look at recent reports of "3D" technology.
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Semiconductor blogging and perpetual motion: Part 1
We can accept momentum loss in our physical world, but what about information loss in the blogospher...
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Sine slice: who’d a thunk?
The Dragons like the fundamentals of Sine Slice, but what about the patents?
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Apple's A5 “single core” - why all the effort?
What is the meaning of "single core" in the Apple TV? Do you think Apple is choosing chips with a de...
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Does Apple's US2012/0120076 mean retina display for the Macbook? Not
Does recently published Apple patent application US2012/0120076 suggest new retina displays for...
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What happened to next generation non-volatile memory? - Part 2
Paul Boldt attempts to unravel Rambus' Acquisition of Unity Semiconductor
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What happened to next generation non-volatile memory? - Part 1
Various technologies are touted to replace flash. Will any ever catch on?
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