Entries for September 2014

Police Motorcycles Go Green
California police departments are going green and saving money with electric motorcycles.
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Self and Dual-Powered Supply for Relays and Circuit Breakers
This reference design builds the foundation for protection relays, MCCBs and ACBs
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Turning Toxic Waste into Batteries
A breakthrough could make vanadium flow batteries the technology of choice for grid-level and renewa...
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Smart Light Bulb Saves Energy as It Learns
Stack Lighting has a goal: eliminate the light switch. Will its smart LED bulb make that happen?
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IEEE offers a Powerful Digital Library for Engineering Research
IEEE Xplore is a trustworthy search tool for cutting-edge engineering topics
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Can Tesla Power Its Gigafactory with Renewables Alone?
Tesla plans to run its Gigafactory on renewable energy alone. Is it possible? Let’s do the mat...
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