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R-I-M Speedwagon
BlackBerry 10 rocks the eighties
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Weekly Roundup = iPhone 5
Apple product launch = Apple dominated media. Surprised?
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Phone in Hand - iPhone 5 Update

Just a quick update...I survived the Apple Store lines, the wait, and even the horror of the staffer... More >>
iPhone 5- No More Guessing (Almost)
iPhone 5 is here...well in there after I finish polishing the floor with my butt outside the Apple S...
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iPhone 5 - Virtual Teardown Guessing
Virtual teardowns - guessing about hardware but not about how to manipulate the media.
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The A6 has landed - sort of

Speculation around the design of the A6 reached a fever pitch in the last few days, and all that I h... More >>
FOR SALE: UBM TechInsights
The grey old lady of reverse engineering is for sale...again.
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The iPhone 5 Disappoints
And the iPhone 5 is...not much different.
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iPhone 5 - The Apple One
Will it be pretty? (Duh!) Will it make investors rich? (Ya baby!) Will it have NFC?  Here's ...
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i5 Released in China – Not by Apple!
The iPhone 5 will drop first in China, and Apple may get a notice if it tries to follow.
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New Week, Old News
Weekly news highlights
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Geek Friday
Fun Friday at Electronics
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Intel v. ARM
Will Intel ever manage to gain a foothold in the mobile world dominated by ARM with its X86 architec...
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My iPhone Endures
With only a week to go, I wonder if my old phone will make it.
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Apple Will Still Get By With a Little Help From Its Friend - Samsung
No nasty court battles or billion dollar penalty will stop Samsung - or Apple from buying from Samsu...
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