Entries for August 2015

Toshiba Expands Line-up of High Power White LEDs for LED Lighting
High luminous flux products of 140lm(min.) added to the line-up.
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Industry, University, Community, and Utility Collaborate on Microgrid
This microgrid provides experiential learning, economic benefits, reduced carbon emissions, and emer...
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SolarWindows: Fifty Times More Energy than Rooftop Photovoltaics?
Imagine six acres of building exterior covered in transparent PV panels. Does a massive increase in ...
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Hybrid Battery for Grid and Microgrid Storage
Which battery is best for grid-level storage? None of them, so engineers are creating a hybrid.
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Lighting Goes Organic
LEDs are becoming the standard for energy-efficient lighting. Can their organic cousins compete?
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Solar Powered Airborne Internet Provider
An engineer’s back-of-the-envelope calculations on Facebook’s Internet-providing solar-powered UAV.
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