Entries for June 2016

$20M Carbon XPRIZE
Here are three of the teams competing for the $20M XPRIZE.
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Tesla + SolarCity = Solar Eruption?
Tesla Motor Company wants to purchase SolarCity. Here are some ways that such a merger could affect ...
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Designer Solar Panels Combine Aesthetics with Performance
These artistic solar panels blend in with their surroundings without giving up efficiency.
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Renewable Energy Supplied Nearly 25% of Global Electricity Needs in 2015
In 2015, renewables accounted for almost one-fourth of the global electric generating capacity, desp...
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Massive 800 MegaWatt-hour Battery to Be Deployed in China
China will soon be home to the world's largest grid-scale battery bank (so far.)
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New Perfect Springback Routing Feature in CADSTAR 17
A closer look at interesting new features to simplify PCB design
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