Entries for June 2012

Happy Canada Day to RIM
With apologies, the bad news keeps coming for Research in Motion.
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Blue Genes for Sequoia
IBM brings the title of "World's Fastest Supercomputer" back the to US thanks to its own multi-core ...
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Creating SoCs for Mobile Devices - Podcast

Guest: Manish Gajjar, Principal Engineer, Broadcom Host: Karen Bartleson, Sr. Director, Community M... More >>
Safeguarding digital archives, Part 2 - A better way
What if your digital back-up system and archive were all built into the memory card you used in your...
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Sine slice: who’d a thunk?
The Dragons like the fundamentals of Sine Slice, but what about the patents?
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Safeguarding digital archives, Part 1 - SanDisk Memory Vault
Whose hands do you trust to hold your digital images and other precious data?
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Apple's A5 “single core” - why all the effort?
What is the meaning of "single core" in the Apple TV? Do you think Apple is choosing chips with a de...
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For real brilliance, build your own Solar LED
Solar lights are great applications for a remote application, like your back yard. But the ones you ...
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