Entries for February 2017

INFOGRAPHIC: Solar Power Hazards and Safety
Graphic Products examines the risks and rewards of photovoltaic installations.
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LED Streetlights: $7.5M Investment Will Return $57M in Energy Cost Savings
LED streetlights and other green initiatives will help America's largest township save a ton of mone...
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Biomimic Wind Turbine: What's All the Flap About?
Machines imitating nature: this biomimic wind turbine flaps like a hummingbird.
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Piezoelectric Sensors Get a Metamaterial Tune-Up
Metamaterial increases sensitivity of sensor tech by tuning in to a targeted frequency.
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How Much Energy Does It Take to Watch the Big Game on a Big Screen?
With large screen televisions drawing anywhere from 70 to 200 watts apiece, a lot of electrical ener...
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New Optical Amplifier Generates More Light in a Smaller Footprint
High gain optical amplifier is compact enough to fit on a chip.
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