Entries for December 2016

Solar Roadways: Let's Do the Math
The world's first solar road will generate 280 MWh of electricity each year. Let's compare the cost ...
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Vegas Rolls the Dice on Streetlights Powered by Sunlight and Footsteps
These off-grid streetlights also provide WiFi, USB charging ports, and an array of sensors.
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Will EDA Merge into PLM?
Siemens acquisition of Mentor Graphics bolsters software portfolio with EDA tools, talent and custom...
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Futuristic Utility Pole: Solar, Battery, WiFi, 4G, and EV Charging
This 21st century utility pole has solar power, battery, communication, LED streetlight, and EV char...
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Quadcopter Capabilities Take Flight
To anyone who's ever flown a quadcopter, dictionary definitions of a "drone" just don't do them just...
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