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More Energy, Smaller Package
SolidEnergy’s Solid Polymer Ionic Liquid battery packs more energy into a smaller space. Good ...
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Superbatteries Combine Capacitor, Battery Technologies

By Aditya Singhal Supercapacitors coupled with a regular battery form a specific kind of “sup... More >>
Heat, Electricity, Storage, and Four Times the Energy
The FourFold photovoltaic-thermal module captures four times the energy of a standard PV module, and...
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Hidden Solar Panels Add Colors to Building Integrated Photovoltaics
Solar panels that look like regular building materials could make building-integrated PV ubiquitous....
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Beyond the Apple Watch: How Quantum Sensors will Change the World
Three applications where quantum sensing is likely to make early inroads
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Energy Harvesting Insulin Injector Talks to Smartphone App
This insulin injector pen sends radio signals to a smartphone app. Batteries not included - and not ...
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PowerCube to Provide Storage for 9 Megawatt Solar Farm
The Axion PowerCube will provide energy storage for largest solar farm in Pennsylvania.
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