Entries for January 2017

Embedding Electronic Components in 3D-Printed PCBs
Nano Dimension Technologies successfully 3D prints electrical circuits with embedded components.
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Turning Heat into Electricity Through Quantum Mechanics
Solid-state thermoelectrics converts waste heat into energy.
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Why Are Most Solar Cells Made with 1950s Technology?
We have the technology to make more efficient solar cells, but most companies choose not to use it. ...
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Innovative Process Could Accelerate Bendable Electronics Development
Spraying nanomaterials at supersonic speed yields a conductive bendable film with glass-like transpa...
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3D Electronics Get a Boost from 2D Materials
Atom-thick layers yield improvements in optoelectronics.
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Tesla Gigafactory Goes Live!
The Gigafactory is now mass-producing batteries for renewable energy storage and electric vehicles. ...
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