Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - Designing Autonomous Cars
Bruce Schreiner posted on January 13, 2014 |
New electronic systems can simplify the design of autonomous features

Pedestrian detection. Collision avoidance. Traffic sign recognition. Lane departure assistance. Adaptive cruise control. High-beam assist. All of these features are promised in autonomous cars, but designing these systems requires processing vast quantities of data in real time.

TI has introduced a family of advanced driver assistance system devices (ADAS) called the TDA2x SoC family of devices that can implement these driving features.

Information from multiple cameras (front-facing, side, and rear), and various sensors are processed by the ADAS hardware simultaneously. The data then provides driver assistance for enhanced safety and driving. For example, headlights can be aimed and adjusted dynamically based on external driving conditions.

The TDA2x architecture, on which the TI ADAS system operates, includes a mix of TI's fixed and floating point TMS320C66x DSP cores, Vision AccelerationPacs, ARM™ Cortex-A15 MP cores, and dual-Cortex-M4 processors. The architecture also supports a host of integrated peripherals including multi-camera interfaces, display CAN, and GigB Ethernet AVB.

The Vision AccelerationPac delivers more than eight times the computer performance compared to existing ADAS systems at the same power levels.  The AccelerationPacs include multiple embedded vision engines (EVEs) that handle all of the vision functionality, allowing the application microcontrollers to do their own thing.

TI provides an ADAS-related vision software design kit, Vision SDK, and libraries for the DSPs and AccelerationPacs to reduce the time for development.

The TDA2x evaluation module further speeds the design cycle by providing key peripherals including Ethernet, FPD-Link, HDMI, and connections for an imager daughter board that supports popular imagers.

TI has leveraged all the resources and experience of its vast integrated circuits and designs to provide an integrated and expandable ADAS platform for automobile manufacturers. Software development tools (in C and C++), application specific libraries, and software development kits are available from TI to take advantage of their hardware and reduce time to market. If you are developing in the ADAS arena, then the TDA2x architecture and AccelerationPAC technology from TI is definitely worth a look.

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