Regulators for Space Exploration & Ultra-High Temperature Applications
Bruce Schreiner posted on January 07, 2014 |
Ultra low dropout linear regulators support complex power requirements for harsh environments

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The TPS7H1x01 low dropout (LDO) liner voltage regulators from TI are designed to handle severe conditions for extreme engineering applications. The –SP versions are cosmic radiation tolerant for space applications and can withstand military temperature ranges. The –HT version has an extreme operating temperature range from -55°C to 210°C, making it well suited for deep drilling projects.

Chris Hart, TI's space business development manager (high reliability group), provides an introduction video covering high current, low noise, power supply designs using the TPS7H1x01 LDOs:

Link to video for reference:

The TPS7H1x01 wide input voltage range ( 1.5V to 7V) and excellent PSRR allow for a variety of specialized uses. A precise and programmable foldback current limit implementation and broad adjustment range support the complex power requirements of FPGAs, DSPs, and microcontrollers.

The solution comes packaged in an enhanced 16-pin ceramic flatpack. Other features enable on/off functionality, programmable SoftStart, current sharing capability, and a PowerGood open drain output.


The TPS7H1201HTEVM evaluation module supports all of these features so that you can test your implementation before developing your own board. Current limit protection is easily implemented on the EVM board by placing a resistor between the programmable current limit pin (PCL) and ground. A current sense (CS) resistor to V In provides a method to set the voltage proportional to the LDO output current.

The TPS7H1x01 LDO provides for flexible current handling by allowing parallel operation. Parallel operation also provides higher reliability by reducing stress on the components, or can provide twice the output current.

These devices are highlighted in the TI Space Products Guide and High-Temperature Guide to provide assistance in building a system for these application. Here, a simplified TPS7H1x01 schematic and dropout voltage versus output current charts are provided for design assistance. Additionally, developmental boards exist to get your application running quickly.

Every new harsh environment or FPGA application requires stable and reliable power. A power system starting with an LDO and the TPS7H1x01 is a good choice.

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