PowerLab Reference Design Library
Randy Boulter posted on September 09, 2013 | 11589 views

TI's PowerLab Reference Design Library contains power management reference designs paired with an easy-to-use parametric search tool. Users can perform a parametric search to find power reference designs for almost any application. The library currently contains over 1100 designs.

Each power design comes with supporting technical documentation that includes a circuit schematic, printed circuit board layout, bill-of-materials, test report and gerber files: essentially everything you need to manufacture the PCB for the power supply. (I did find some designs that did not include all of these elements.) Each design is reported to be fully tested and working.

In the parametric search tool, users can enter the input voltage range, output voltage range and tolerance, output current and tolerance, whether isolated or non-isolated and whether AC or DC input. Additionally, there is a keyword field for matching keywords within the library. The parametric tool also allows you to choose the application that the power design is intended for. Examples of applications include:

  • Audio
  • Space, Avionics and Defense
  • Computers and Peripherals
  • Energy and Lighting
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Security
  • Video and Imaging


The parametric search tool also allows you to select the Topology/Subtopology of the device, such as boost, buck boost, flyback, etc. You can also browse the list of designs. In that mode, the list shows the input voltage range, output voltage, output current, output power, whether isolated or non-isolated, input type, application(s), and topology/subtopology.


For example, a search with parameters of 12-14V DC input range, 14V maximum input, 5.0VDC +-5% tolerance, non-isolated, application type consumer electronics, and a topology/subtopology of flyback, non-sync returned 1 result with those specs except that the input voltage could range from 10 to 33V DC. Documentation included test results, BOM and schematic.

If you're designing in power management, the PowerLab Reference Design Library definitely belongs in your repertoire of design aids.

You can subscribe to PowerLab digital digests from TI. TI has produced this video guide to using PowerLab:



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