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Bruce Schreiner posted on September 02, 2013 | 15693 views
When in a foreign country, you might not always know what you need, where you want to go, how to get there, or what food to order but cannot communicate because of the language difference.

SIGMO Indiegogo Campaign  (Youtube Video:

The SIGMO is a language translation device in development with voice input and speech output, currently being funded on Indiegogo (already exceeded funding goal).

Language translation has been attempted many times but not with the convenience of this device, which relies on the current best practices. 


SIGMO Ready for Use (Photo Credit: )

SIGMO establishes a Bluetooth connection with your smart phone to utilize the power of web-based voice translation services like Google translate for language conversion.  Because of the small size and simple interface, SIGMO is always ready and available for translations.

SIGMO Block Diagram (Photo Credit: )

If you are in need of finding transportation in Germany, just speak your request via voice in your native language to the SIGMO built-in microphone.  The question is sent via cell connection for conversion to German and the translated question is then output on the SIGMO built-in speaker.

      SIGMO Real Life Situation Video (Photo Credit:

Similar in implementation to SIRI (and including SIRI integration to control your iPhone via SIGMO voice commands), using the power of linking to current technologies, SIGMO won’t be replacing human language translators, but it will work for short phrases and common requests, a major need for business travelers with limited language skills.

Hitting at the $50 and below price point and the ability to hang around your neck or clip to your lapel, this device is probably worth some experimentation.  Initial delivery implementation allows for translation between 25 different languages with additional languages promised as the technology develops.  Future updates including additional languages and the apps for iOS and Android operating systems are free.  A stretch goal almost reached at this point in time will add an external headphone/speaker jack allowing for private language learning for the owner. 

The design and marketing team including David Barnett, Marti Karrer, and Katrarina Rauche have design engineering and international trade experience and a lot of energy to put into a promising device.

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