Inspiration from Makers
Bruce Schreiner posted on July 28, 2013 |

Sometimes you need to stop and get a little inspiration from the work of others.  Many people may think makers are a fairly new thing, but the Society of Model and Experimental Engineers (SMEE) based in South London (but with members spanning the globe) and established by Percival Marshall in 1898 proves otherwise.

The Makers of Things: The Problem Solver from Anne Holiday on Vimeo.

The Makers of Things is a series of four brilliantly directed and produced videos by Anne Holiday documenting the skills and ideas of members of the SMEE.  Members of the society have a huge range of skills and talents, many being model engineers.  They all are makers of the highest level.  Mike Kapp, the problem solver --  which falls into my area of interest, electronics --so his video is up first.


The next video is an overview of the society, their activities, and the scope of the SMEE.

Mike Chrisp is a model engineer who was originally inspired by a train from a film.  He works with the tools of a machinist to build.

We finish with Norman Billingham, the woodworker as a maker but a scientist by trade.  I am a hobbyist in this area but my son is also a woodworker by trade, and these artisans just look at a piece of wood and see possibilities that others cannot imagine.  And then they create with a precision that does not seem possible with a changing medium.

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