ZeitEco is a battery powered super scooter.
John Hayes posted on April 09, 2013 | 5458 views

At first look, the ZeitEco super scooter is a very cool device. 

According to inventors Andrey Doroshkov and Ilya Shorstov, they set out to make a personal travel vehicle.  Their design objectives were:

·         Vehicle for personal short travel needs

·         Make this personal travel inexpensive, fast and safe

·         Device must fit in a car, so that it can be used on the “last mile”

·         Light and compact for storage, with no protrusions

They have reduced the production BOM to about 50 items by using as many standardized components as possible.  This idea is a common theme among Kickstarter inventors.  The major components of a current standard ($1,800) e-scooter: are:

·         Brushless geared hub motor 
     Battery LiFePo4
     Electric Motor Controller
     Aluminum Frame

I’m concerned about the rechargeable LiFePo4 battery.  While it holds a lot of power for its size, it requires a sophisticated battery management system to ensure a long life and product safety.

The team decided to err on the side of control by selecting a manufacturer near to home.  That might mean a trade-off against their cost and profitability, but the ability to work through iterations face-to-face is worth that trade-off. 

By their own admission, Andrey and Ilya have no experience in manufacturing electric vehicles.  They decided to go into production after making the first prototype and showing it to their friends.

Now they need about 140 people to commit a minimum of $1,800 each to get this project launched. 

Based on their previous industrial production experience and their strong technical backgrounds (Andrey is an engineering grad from Novosibirsk State Technological University), they figured they could go from a) prototype to b) production prototype to c) actual production in a few months.

It will be interesting to see whether they get the support they seek.

You can learn more about the project at their Kickstarter page or the Zeit Eco web site

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