Arduino-compatible Pinoccio connects the ‘Internet of Things’ to DIY
Mert Bal posted on January 28, 2013 |
The new wireless microcontroller board Pinoccio allows Arduino users to connect their DIY projects t...

While the rapid spread and adoption of mobile technology has changed the way we access the internet forever, some see even greater possibilities. The Internet of Things, (“IoT”) in addition to being the all-time winner of the coveted “vaguest concept name” award, allows us to extend internet connectivity to nearly everything around us, bringing about the glorious age of universal internet connectivity depicted in so many movies made by people who don’t know how the internet works.

One example of an IoT device is the Pinoccio, the new pocket-sized, wireless sensor and microcontroller board that combines the features of an Arduino Mega board with a ZigBee compatible 2.4GHz radio. It also includes components for IoT application development, such as an RGB LED and a micro-SD card slot.  

Multiple Pinoccios can talk to each other and share data over a ZigBee wireless mesh network. The Pinoccios contain Arduino-compatible standard pin structure, which can be used to integrate a WiFi Shield for internet connection.

The Pinoccio could be a useful tool for do-it-yourself IoT projects, as it removes the hassle of wiring and programming. The microcontroller of the board is Arduino-compatible, so you can use the Arduino IDE to program the Pinoccio just like an Arduino Uno or Mega. You can connect your DIY hardware project to the web and develop your own custom web-based monitoring and control applications.

It’s always great to see new IoT technology. Soon, the connected ‘things’ will surround our lives. What the consequences will be is hard to say. 

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