Track your keys (or your cat) with your Smartphone
Mert Bal posted on January 03, 2013 |
Stick-N-Find is a coin-sized Bluetooth sticker that can be easily attached to any object and tr...

In November I posted about the Gadget Hound, a lost item locator that beeps to help you find your lost items. Now there is the Stick-N-Find, another high-tech gadget to help you find things. It turns your smartphone into a radar, which is great because it means you don’t have to keep track of another device like the Gadget Hound (which you might lose).

Stick-N-Find’s coin-sized Bluetooth stickers can be easily attached to any object and tracked through a smartphone App.  The App turns a smartphone into a radar screen like the one in the picture. It can track up to twenty stickers within a 100ft radius. The stickers use a coin-size battery that lasts about a year with optimal usage.

The Stick-N-Find has been looking to raise funds for initial production on the crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo. The company has just announced today that the product has raised $450k, more than six times the initial campaign goal for the Stick-N-Find.

Thanks to the success of Stick-N-Find's, the developers have announced new features. Soon the stickers will include a temperature sensor to let you know whether your lost item is hot or cold.

The video demo below shows a number of cool suggestions for use of the Stick-N-Find. You can tag your wallet, TV remote, or your cat and track them through your smartphone app.

With the virtual leash feature, you can set distance ranges to alert you when a tag goes in or out of range. For example, you can tag your checked luggage at the airport and wait for the app to tell you when it’s on the conveyor.

So this brings to mind three questions. 1. How will I know what I’m going to lose before it’s lost?  2. What if I lose my iPhone; and 3. Is it OK to tag my kid?

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