Portable Sensor Measures “Sleep Personality”
Mert Bal posted on December 18, 2012 | 9233 views

Ever wake up grumpy after a bad night’s sleep?  There is a correlation between the quality of our sleep and our personality when we wake up.  Now a new sleep sensor called the ZeeMee aims to tell you just how bad a morning you (and everyone around you) are about to have.

The ZeeMee, developed by Virginia-based startup Zansors, is a wireless wearable sleep sensor that measures “Sleep Personality” based on a users’ breathing patterns and motion during the night.

The sensor is designed to be light and comfortable so it can be worn during sleep.   It measures the sleeper’s breathing and movements and indicates the corresponding “sleep personality” with a color and number scale on a tiny round digital display.  The display uses color to represent breathing (Green-Yellow-Red) and numbers (1-5) to represent tossing and turning.  The ZeeMee then applies a sleep personality matrix to tell users their ‘mood’ in the morning based on how well they slept in the night.

ZeeMee is designed as a compact small patch that attaches to user’s neck. It packs about 99 hardware parts, including a micro-controller, sensors and a battery, into a 1.5 inch x 2.0 inch patch. According to the developers, this was the main design challenge of the ZeeMee project.

ZeeMee is currently seeking financial support for its production through the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. To learn more about the ZeeMee project, you can visit the ZeeMee Indiegogo page or Zansors Website. 

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