Wi-Fi Plant Sensor: Plant Care Meets the Cloud
Mert Bal posted on November 19, 2012 |

The Swiss Startup Koubachi has announced an outdoor version of their Wi-Fi Plant Sensor.  It’s available in Apple Retail Stores in Europe.

The Wi-Fi enabled Plant Sensor uses Cloud computing to analyze the real time temperature, soil moisture and light intensity data for your outdoor plants and advises you how to take care of them.

The Wi-Fi Plant Sensor has a round, compact design that resembles a miniature golf club at a first glance.

For setup, you insert two AA batteries into the Plant Sensor, connect to your Wi-Fi network and register it with Koubachi’s servers. The next step is to simply insert the sensor into the soil and let the Koubachi app know you’ll be monitoring the plant.

The built-in Wi-Fi module sends the data to the Koubachi Cloud, where it is analyzed by a software system called the “Koubachi Plant Care Engine”. The system compares the data with scientific plant care models developed with the help of biologists. Once your plant data is analyzed, you’ll get plant-care tips via-mail or on your iPhone.  Tips can tell you  when to water, mist or fertilize the plant or to change its location to get more sunlight.

Even though the outdoor plant season is over, the Holiday season may be a great time to boost sales of this product.  The Plant Sensor could be an ideal gift for a passionate gardener.

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