Fido gone astray? There's an app for that.
Mert Bal posted on November 14, 2012 |

Does your dog try to bolt for freedom the moment you open the front door?  Thanks to the wonders of modern electronics, you can cancel your plans for the transmitter implant. 

The Haystack Technologies, the creators of the DASH7 wireless standard, announced the HayTag, an RF transceiver that works with your Smartphone to quickly locate your lost pet.

DASH7 is a new, long-range, low-power wireless communications standard that operates on a single, global radio frequency of 433 MHz.  The frequency range of the DASH7 provides for both long range (up to 1km) and better indoor signal propagation than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The DASH7 signals are able to penetrate or bend around many obstacles such as walls, metal structures and even concrete walls. This feature makes HayTag capable of finding the pets on large outdoor terrains and harsh indoor environments, where GPS cannot reach.

The HayTag is a tiny device about the size of a quarter clips onto your pet’s collar. It connects to a Smartphone via an app and an adapter.  The adapter allows DASH7 connectivity. Once the HayTag is paired with the Smartphone, you can use the HayTag App to scan the neighborhood for Fido. You can also configure HayTag App to generate alerts if your pet leaves or enters a pre-defined area.  You can even involve and coordinate other HayTag users in the pet search. Via the multiple users, you can triangulate the exact location of the pet. 

The DASH7 is designed for low-power wireless applications. The HayTag is powered by a mini solar cell.  So until you can get your dog to come when he’s called, you might want to consider this pet tracker.  It weighs less and is more comfortable than a GPS collar. 

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