Turn your iPhone into a Laser Pointer and Mobile Presenter
Mert Bal posted on November 12, 2012 | 31825 views

How would you like to turn your iPhone into a laser pointer and controller for your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations? 

Satechi, a mobile accessories manufacturer, has just announced its new X-Pointer mobile presenter combined with Stylus Touch Pen for iPhone.

The X-Pointer is a mini red laser pointer controlled via the X-Presenter app giving users the freedom to scroll through PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slides and easily direct the audience's attention using red laser. The app allows you to move the cursor on the screen with your fingers through a Mouse Mode function.

The laser pointer is a mini gadget 1.6 inches in length and weighing about an ounce. It is designed to fit in the 3.5 mm audio jack for controlling and powering the device.  For installation, you must plug the X-Pointer into the iPhone’s headphone jack and download the X-Presenter App from the App store. You must also download and run the X-Pointer Server application on your computer in order to sync the X-Pointer with the presentation slides running on the computer. The server application is available for Windows and Mac. The X-Presenter App uses the WiFi for communicating with the computer. So, your WiFi must be on during the presentation.

The X-Pointer comes with a portable Stylus Touch Pen for precise touch-screen navigation.  The stylus touch pen turns into a storage compartment for the X-Pointer laser. The other neat feature of this stylus is its rubber 3.5mm jack, which affixes the laser and the touch pen to the iPhone when not in use.

The Satechi’s X-Pointer for iPhone is possibly the most recent laser pointer presenter gadget you can find in the market.  Its compact and simple design makes it a more attractive mobile presenter solution than its competitors. The presenter app seems easy to use and robust on the video demonstration. The users who are not satisfied with the similar iPhone apps might want to give a try to this one.

You can view the YouTube video demonstration here

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